Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cornelius Fillmore

Fillmore! was a Disney animated series that centered around African-American Middle School student Cornelius Filmore. The lead character was a reformed juvenile delinquent that was recruited into the school safety patrol and subsequently became it's lead detective. This particular school safety patrol was considerably more active than any real middle school counterpart. Filmore and his partner
Ingrid actively investigated and caught counterfeiters, smugglers, chop shops, and saboteurs. It was basically a children friendly crime drama and it was nicely done though that school must have been huge and well funded to have all those activities. Check out the intro:

Even though he was the man, Fillmore was quite the positive role model both in demeanor and his actively working to make things right. He was intelligent, daring, and very good at his job. He had no real super powers but he had a keen mind and an incorruptible sense of right and wrong. He was also a great leader. I was surprised and pleased to see this show appear. Not only did it appear on Disney but the Black characters seemed genuine and the stories were well written.

Alas, all good things end too soon. Unlike most Disney animated series, Filmore! only lasted two seasons. The show debuted in 2002 and the last new episode aired in 2004. I can only speculate as to what caused the show to be cut short but if you missed it don't despair. The series is set to return on Disney XD. It doesn't look like there will be any new episodes though. Here's a clip:

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